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We are now offering

All Inclusive Dinning…. We are delighted to tell you, that we are now able to offer a large range of raw / wet / dried natural foods and treats.

You may choose to bring your own food at no extra cost or you can opt for our In House Cruise from as little as £5 per per day. Our canine guests are fed a high-quality in house cuisine.  We feed twice daily …. times that are suitable to your dog.

Due to the specific nutritional demands of puppies and sensitive dogs, it is recommended these pets have their diets provided by the client.

From £5 per day we can provide healthy meals prepared with fresh organic vegetables and fruit. We also have a selection of wet and raw meat and fish.

We offer heathy snacks and homemade treats. The menu changes daily, if you opt for these meals let us know what foods your dog is not allowed we have a section on the registration form.

We have put together a selection of popular treats, that are suitable for puppies and all age dogs ….

Dried beef liver- Great for breaking up into smaller pieces and making into a training treat or tip bit.

Rabbit ears – with fur and without. Great for cleaning teeth adding manganese and fibre to your dogs diet. Many people feed hairy items as part of a natural wormer.

Burt’s bangers- delicious pork and chicken sausages.

Dried chicken feet- fantastic source of glucosamine and chondroid, which is great for dogs that are growing for their joints.

Pigs nose- flavoursome meaty chew that gives them a crunchy texture.

Bulls Pizzel- Beef muscle chew which is extremely tough, flavoursome and great at cleaning teeth, keeping puppies entertained. 

Fish skin- Dried fish skin, great for omega three and six which add a shine to the skin and coat.

Pawpops homemade frozen treats helping to cooldown and calm dogs in the summer months while enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables.

Below are a small selection of what we are able to offer ….

Take Care 

Stay Safe

Looking forward to seeing you all soon Huge thank you to Gem at Lavender Dog Shop for all you knowledge, advice and always making me smile